We have updated and reformatted our parameters for assistance due to the tremendous amount of requests that we receive. The following MUST be adhered to for your application to be considered. We are working hard to assist as many families as possible, however due to financial limitations we need to be resolute in our benefit request criteria. 

1. ***The application must be completed in its entirety including the Criterion/Information Checklist. No partial applications will be accepted or processed. There must be a signature of a medical professional on the application. 

2. We must have a current billing statement for any assistance other than food, groceries, or gas. If a statement is not available a letter from the company verifying the current amount due, address, account number, etc., must accompany the application. 

3. We do not pay for credit cards, reimburse payments, nor send cash.

4. The child must be diagnosed with a catastrophic illness that requires the family to forego their normal schedule of support. If the financial situation is ongoing, please explain the reasoning in the letter of explanation. 

5. If a payment is to be made to a company that requires prior authorization from the family, that authorization must be made prior to submitting the application. Also, if a partial payment is to be made please verify with the company that partial payments are accepted.

6. Patches of Light works through the child's medical team to verify authenticity and retain strict confidentiality of the situation presented. Therefore, we will no longer be able to accept phone calls, emails, or have personal contact from the applicant or family members pertaining to the application and/or outcome of said application. HUG Bags are not considered assistance, however due to confidentiality we would prefer the medical team make all inquiries if possible.

7. It would be of great benefit to both the petitioner and Patches of Light if each request made be followed by an email confirming the arrival. Often times due to technology and security we do not receive the initial application and are unaware an application has been submitted. A quick email to check on its arrival saves time and allows us to process the application in a timely manner. 


Thank you for your understanding. 


Application for Assistance and Cover Letter.

Both documents are required to request assistance.

**When submitting bank and/or rental info PLEASE only submit pertinent pages with required information. We do NOT need the full lease nor the full bank bank statement.
Thank you!!