HUG Bags

We put together "Hug Bags" for patients in the Hematology/Oncology Unit, Heart unit and Mental Health unit  at Nationwide Children's Hospital. We try to place as many neat items in the bags as possible. We include journals, books, videos, coloring books and crayons, stickers, cameras, paper and cards. We also include food coupons, video cards, phone cards, puzzles and other items for the older patients. These bags are not filled with necessity items, but items to take their minds off of, often times unpleasant, necessary treatments.

If you would like to donate items for our hug bags, email us for a list of our current needs.

             Treatment Journals

We provide treatment journals for parents and children to use during their hospital stay and during treatment. Our journals are filled with fun activities for the kids as well as an extremely handy way for the parents to organize appointments, medicines, contacts, treatment plans, thoughts, feelings and much more!  Our families have raved about these journals, and this year we have added mental health journals for children suffering with depression and other mental health concerns.


If you are unsure of how to assist Patches of Light, donating $20 to cover the cost of a treatment journal for a family is an excellent way to start!   

Piggy Bank Club

Many children have asked how they can help on their own. One year during a Vacation Bible School fundraising event we had several children bring in their savings from their piggy banks. The idea was born; a Piggy Bank Club!  After we receive your 1st donation we will send you a certificate! Any donation over $50 also will receive a stuffed pig!

Email us your contact info today to get signed up.



"Remember me in the family tree,

 My name, my days, my strife; 

 Then I'll ride upon the wings of time, 

 And live an endless life."


 Linda Goetch


 Little Acorn Children's Garden

A  children's garden dedicated to teaching children about recycling, composting, non-pesticide gardening and more.

This is another exciting way we give back to the community that so loving supports us.