Patches of Light assists with emergencies such as: auto repairs, housing for long distance care, airline tickets, supporting families that stay at the Ronald McDonald House, extermination and/or purification items for bone-marrow patients homes and much more. We have assisted families throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. We have also helped families from Africa, England, and Palestine.


     Patches of Light is based and founded on the experiences of Rodney and Mindy Atwood. The Atwood's have experienced first hand the hardship, heartache and stress that accompanies having a critically ill child. In 1982 one of the Atwood's children (they have four boys) was diagnosed with a Wilm's Tumor. 

     In 1992, another of the Atwood's children was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect and underwent open-heart surgery. Their compassion and dedication are fueled by these events. 

1984 during Jason Atwood's treatment for a Wilm's Tumor.


     Each year, thousands of children across America are diagnosed with life-threatening, life-changing, and often-times fatal illnesses. Cancer, heart defects, muscular dystrophy, meningitis, life-saving organ transplantation and AIDS/HIV are just a few of the wide variety of maladies facing today's children. Research is constantly generating new paths of treatment and therapy and hopefully will one day be able to ensure our children a world of carefree days and unimpeded nights.

     Unfortunately, that day is not yet here. In the mean time many families with critically and terminally ill children are being inundated with the high costs of medical bills, traveling expenses, parking fees, dining expenses and more. Many of the families referred to Patches of Light have one or more parent on an unpaid leave and find they are unable to pay  for even the basic necessities of everyday life. When there is no viable income, there can only be a detrimental outcome.   

     Our mission at Patches of Light is to assist families with critically and terminally ill children so that they can remain together during their hospitalizations and treatments. Our funding is used to pay for past due mortgages, rent, and utilities. We provide phone cards, gas cards, grocery cards and parking tokens. Many parents do not even have the comfort of knowing whether they can make it to the hospital on a daily basis.